From the origin of the species to the paths of invasion

Sun Coral Route

Bio Bureau is a pioneer in studying the genomes of the sun coral, an invasive species in Brazil and other countries. Knowing its genetic code is important because it helps to trace its origin and invasion routes, as well as developing large-scale detection methods. The aim of the study is to create a risk assessment system for sun coral infestation and dispersal based on hydrodynamic and genetic data, photographic evidence and environmental DNA.

Rota do Coral-Sol is the first collaborative map for global monitoring ofthe dispersal of these invasive species in real time.

The tool allows anyone to share underwater photo or video recordings from anywhere in the world. This is valuable information for understanding and controlling these invasive species.

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The Sun Coral

The biology and life cycle of the sun coral and the history of its dispersal beyond its original range in the Pacific Ocean in the wake of human displacement around the world. Important concepts in understanding the impacts associated with the presence of this beautiful flower-shaped animal.


Studies into the genetics of the sun coral begin with exploration of the seabed to collect specimens and make direct observations. This involves long sea voyages and deep dives in remote places around the world. Follow the field diary of the Bio Bureau’s diving scientists here.

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The genetic sequencing of the sun coral, step by step: from collections on the seabed to DNA sequences deciphered in the laboratory. It will be easy to understand why molecular biology is an indispensable tool for understanding the dispersal dynamics of the species and for reducing the risks of dispersal of this invasive species.


Discover new perspectives and insights through our studies and analyses. Our results provide relevant information about the sun coral, and are ideal for students, researchers, enthusiasts and those interested in sun coral solutions. Explore now.

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A visual journey through the Rota do Coral-sol project through a selection of our main photographs from each of the themes presented on this hotsite.